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I am a truly happy owner of a Crave vape and do recommend it. I just love its design, simplicity and mainly its long lasting battery. Not to mention the easy going and hassle free Customer Services. Thanks Crave for keeping me vaping.

Erick S.

Excellent vaporiser. I like that bowl is smaller than other models so you don't use too much. It turns off after five minutes which is how long it takes for the complete bowl to be vaped. It heats up quickly and is the smoothest vaporiser I have ever used. Crave's customer service is also exceptional and I am happy to be a life long customer.

Cate S.

Great vape! Package was discrete and arrived at my door within a day. Heats up quickly and provides a smooth vapor. Highly recommended.

Hamish G.

Full Extraction in 5 minutes.

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