3 Reasons Why Vaping Is The Only Way You Should Use Marijuana

We’ve all seen them.


People walking around with fancy pipe-type contraptions twirling between their fingers, stopping every few moments to park their vape (vaporiser) between their lips and take a short puff. If you’re a marijuana user, chances are you’ve heard of vape's. You may have considered buying one but decided it was cheaper to just keep rolling them up yourself. Aside from looking way cooler than a rolled-up joint (hello 21st century) and saving you money in the long-run (even paper adds up eventually), vaping marijuana is actually way better for your health.


Unlike a joint, which burns the marijuana to release the good chemicals (cannabinoids) that make it work, vaporisers heat the cannabis just to the point where the chemicals evaporate but do not combust (burn). This means you get all the good stuff without burning the marijuana to a crisp.


Here are three reasons why you should ditch the joint and start vaping like the cool kids.


Smoke is unhealthy.


We all know smoking is bad for you. Many people think that it’s the tobacco which is the problem but in fact, it’s actually the smoke that poses most of the health risks. When you smoke cannabis, at least 80% of what you’re inhaling is just pure, dirty smoke (pardon the pun). This smoke not only causes lung cancer in the long run but also increases phlegm, coughing and shortness of breath in users immediately. A study done on daily cannabis smokers found that when they switched to a vaporiser, these side effects were significantly reduced in most of the participants within a month of switching over. When you use a vaporiser, the vapour is practically pure cannabis which means you don’t inhale all those nasty toxins. Trust us, your lungs will thank you.


Pain goes away fast.


Some medicinal cannabis users prefer to eat their cannabis rather than smoke it. Eating is certainly safer than smoking but you can’t control the dose as easily. When you use a vaporiser, you feel the effects almost immediately because the cannabinoids pass straight through your lungs and into your bloodstream. This means you can easily stop inhaling it once you’ve had your desired effect. When you eat it however, it has to first go through your liver which means it can take over an hour to feel anything at all. 




Choose your high.


Smoking cannabis is pretty inefficient. Not only does it burn through the cannabis really fast, it releases less than 30% of the cannabinoids available. This is akin to buying a giant chocolate chip cookie and deliberately smashing most of it on the ground. It’s heresy. Vaping is not only way more efficient, releasing over 80% of the cannabinoids available, you can also control the rate and even the type of cannabinoid being released to you. Most vaporisers have a temperature gauge which allows you to change the vaporising temperature. With this ‘temperature control’, you can activate certain compounds within the marijuana based on what you want to achieve. For example, THC, the chemical which is known for creating a “high”, vaporizes at a lower temperature than CBDs, which are used for medical applications. Different temperatures can also create different types of “highs” and with a bit of experimentation with your brand-spanking new vape, you can work out what works best for you.


There are plenty of different types of vaporisers you can get your hands on. Ready to start vaping? Check out our product section for a selection of the best vape technology on the planet.




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