Cannabis Concentrate VS Flower

There are many different forms in which you can vaporize and ingest cannabis. Over the past years a growing debate has formed in Australia over which method is truly superior: Cannabis Concentrate or Flower.

If you were given the choice between vaping cannabis concentrates and vaping cannabis flower, which would you choose?

First of all, lets look at some of the differences between vaping Cannabis Concentrates and Flower.

Cannabis concentrates come in many forms. These include Kief, Hash (Bubble, Dry Sift) CO2 extract, BHO, Distillate, Rosin and many more. Flower is of course cannabis ’straight off the plant’ that has been dried, trimmed and cured. Concentrates are produced by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis flower or trim, and are generally much stronger than Flower.

Benefits Of Flower:

Cannabis flower is cannabis in its complete form, and contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes within. By estimate, Cannabis flower contains over 400 different chemical compounds (including terpenes that can be lost in the extraction process.) Flower is easier to come by and is of course much cheaper than concentrates.

Flower is incredibly easy to cultivate yourself (please check legality in your state) and does not involve any extraction or potentially dangerous processes, like concentrates do.

The positive about cannabis flower is that after you run your herb through your Crave Onix or Cloud Vaporizer, you can utilise the AVB for cooking in the future!

Benefits of Concentrates:

Cannabis concentrates are much stronger than flower, and are especially good for those who require a higher dose of THC or other cannabinoids for medicinal reasons.

Concentrates generally provide very strong and fast relief for those in need of such effects.

It is said that concentrates are a much more pure way of ingesting cannabis than flower, as they is no plant matter and only the most powerful cannabinoids.

Concentrate vaping devices are generally smaller in size than dry-herb vaporizers and are more discreet. The Crave Quantum vaporizer is a slim and discrete design, featuring a concentrate storage unit on the base.

Who Takes The Strap?

After careful consideration we have decided that both concentrates and flower deserve their place in the spotlight. The best part about vaping clean, quality cannabis in any form is that you are not ingesting any nasty stuff that you do when smoking or dabbing with a torch.

So whether you like busting open a fresh jar of flower, inspecting your nugs, grinding it up and packing your vape or peeling open a neatly packaged concentrate, inhaling the fresh aroma and loading up your vape pen – you’re winning in our eyes!

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