Cannabis & Exercise

Spring has finally sprung here in Australia and it is time to get outside and get moving!

Australians have heard of many famous sports people in the news that use cannabis for enjoyment or recovery (Michael Phelps, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rob Van Dam.)

Many Australian cannabis users are now turning to vaping as a way to enhance their workouts and recovery time.

We decided to take a look at some of the reasons why this trend is taking off!



Whilst cannabis could potentially limit your performance during a high-intensity workout, vaping cannabis can thoroughly increase your enjoyment of certain exercise activities!

Many athletes have also reported the alleviation of anxiety prior to a training session by using cannabis.

Why not take a fresh, flavor-filled hit from your Crave Onix vaporizers before embarking on your next work out session!



A recent study from the American Journal of Medicine has found that people who use cannabis regularly have a level of fasting insulin that is around 16% lower than non-users.

Various cannabinoids found in cannabis also help facilitate metabolic function.

This is great news for those of us looking to shed some ‘winter weight’!



Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can be extremely debilitating after a solid workout. Whilst there are many supplements to aid recovery after working out, vaping cannabis can assist with reduction of inflammation as well as relaxation. There are also several published studies to suggest that vaping cannabis can help to relief acute pain in the body.

Many professional athletes have spoken of their use of CBD to assist with recovery after a big game or match. CBD was recently removed from the World Anti-Doping Agencies list of banned substances for 2018.



If you are looking to build muscle and put on healthy weight, it is essential to be consuming large amounts of quality food high in protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Many people trying to put on weight find it extremely difficult to eat more than they are used to. This is where vaping cannabis can help! Cannabis can help to stimulate your appetite and make it much easier to step-up your eating habits. Many of us have experienced ‘The Munchies’ after consuming cannabis. This is caused by certain cannabinoids taking over the part of the brain that usually surprises appetite.



You are the best judge of yourself! Experiment by vaping small amounts of cannabis either before or after your next workout and simply listen to your mind and body.

We do not recommend using cannabis before any high-risk sporting activity or major sporting event.

Perhaps start off by vaping cannabis prior to low-impact activities such as Yoga, and then move on from there.  

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