E-Cigarettes vs. Vaporizers: What’s the Difference?

A lot has changed in the e-cig industry since this article was first written. In the early days of e-cigarettes, they were produced as an alternative to smoking. With all the smoking bans going on throughout the country and the world, e cigarettes and vapor cigarettes were the best alternative as a substitute for cigarettes. 

E Cigarette

Former smokers often start out with disposable e cigarettes, or “cig-alikes,” to recreate the feel and taste of smoking.  While many non-smokers prefer disposable e-cigs, many others choose rechargeable models to get the most out of them. Some vapor cigarettes are smaller and more portable for added convenience, many users like the unique shapes, sizes, colors, and capacities of  vapor cigarettes. Some users prefer disposable e cigarettes because they can deliver a deeper “throat hit” akin to smoking an actual cigarette. 

* Look and feel like a cigarette

* Simple setup; easy to use

* Contains nicotine

* Produces vapor, not smoke

* Often less expensive than vaporizers

* No buttons to push

* Accurate tobacco and menthol flavors

* More advanced e cigs can be used with prefilled cartomizers in different nicotine strengths

* Traditional e-cigs heat the e liquid, so it is already “burning,” so to speak.


Vaporizer or Vapor E Cigarette

After smokers vape for awhile, they may prefer the customizability of vapor cigarettes. Typical e cigs found in gas stations and convenience stores usually resemble traditional cigarettes, whereas vaporizers, or vapor cigarettes, have entirely different looks and functions, and are usually sold by specialty vape shops on and off the internet. Vapers can mix and match e liquids, fill and refill cartridges, and color coordinate accessories to create a product tailored entirely to their tastes. Vapor e cigs vaporize liquid and allows it to be released into the air without any burning, so it lasts longer. Vape e cigs are also  sometimes slightly larger than a regular disposable e cig and often resemble pens or small tubes.

* Refillable with e liquid

* More powerful throat and chest hit

* More customizable

* Use with cartomizers

* Vapers can choose their nicotine level

* More expensive than cig-alikes

* Longer battery life

* Gradually heat the e liquid with warm air that passes through a cartomizer at a set temperature


Vape Mod

After you’ve been vaping for a while, you may be interested in having a little fun collecting and more advanced vape mods.  “Cloud chasers” are a subset of the vaping community who look for a bigger, better throat hit and a larger vapor cloud, often through customizing the atomizers and mouthpieces of their vapor e-cigs with specially built vape mods.

Box or tube shape

* Milder throat hit

* Use with tanks or cartomizers

* Push-button activation

* More complicated setup

*  Most require rechargeable batteries

* Often used with lower nicotine levels

* Designed for higher-VG juice


Ultimately, the choice between e cigs and vaporizers is completely up to the user. Both  offer plenty of choices to suit just about any personal vaping preference.

It’s never too late to make the switch to e-cigarettes.  

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