The Dark Side Of Cannabis

In many parts of the world cannabis use is now becoming widely accepted after many decades of condemnation. The medical applications of cannabis are now replacing many archaic medicines and social use is no longer demonized worldwide.

Although we still have a long way to go in Australia, it is great to see that cannabis is slowly being seen for what it truly is: a remarkable plant that has an undeniable and interwoven relationship with human beings.

With the vast magnitude of articles presenting the benefits of cannabis use, we decided to take a look at The Dark Side Of Cannabis to cover what most people aren’t discussing.


Untested and Inconsistent Cannabis

More and more information has recently emerged about the dangers of certain chemicals involved in the production of some black market cannabis (as well as some legally registered grows), such as plant growth regulators (or PGR.) Although these products can increase the yield of cannabis grows and speed up the production time, they come with some serious health risks.

It has been claimed that ingesting cannabis that has been grown with PGR can cause liver damage, cancer and infertility.

Reports have also emerged that edibles and concentrates often have the wrong dosages marked and can lead to users either not having enough or having too much.

Many cannabis users also struggle to find a regular supply of a strain that suits them best, especially in areas where cannabis is still illegal. People are also at the whim of black market suppliers telling them the truth about what they are smoking.

We recommend taking the time to find a cannabis supplier that you trust and who is consistent. If you are unsure about the quality of your cannabis and have no way to be certain of its quality, perhaps try vaping so that you are not combusting the plant.


Letting Cannabis Take Over Your Life

There are many amazing applications for cannabis, including medicinal use and recreational use. Both are now becoming widely accepted in many parts of the world as many countries are decriminalizing cannabis use and making consummation legal.

Unfortunately, just like anything else, too much cannabis can be a bad thing. Many people have reported how easy it was for them to go from being in control of their cannabis use to going down a slippery slope of overuse.

When you start to use more cannabis than you need, you will quickly develop a tolerance and have to consume more and more cannabis over time to achieve your desired effect. This can be an easy way to empty your bank account and perhaps even experience some negative effects from overuse.

The good news is that you can take control of your dosages by vaping cannabis! When vaporizing cannabis you get far more beneficial effects than when smoking, and avoid many of the negative effects.

Try out the Crave Cloud vaporizer for a cost effective way to make the switch from smoking to vaping!

The Myth That Cannabis Cures Everything

Although the medicinal benefits of cannabis are starting to become a talking point for people world wide, we must address the simple fact that cannabis is not a cure all!

When looking at one’s physical and mental health, you must take a balanced approach.

Many young cannabis users are utilizing cannabis for mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, however they are not looking at their overall health (diet, exercise, work routine, social schedule etc.)


In summary you should observe your cannabis use, whether medicinal or recreational, and decide if you are utilizing it appropriately.

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