How long does it take to heat up?

Crave Air heats up in about 30 seconds from room temperature and is ready to use.


Temperature settings

There are 3 temperature settings for Crave Air, which can be adjusted by using the power button. See user guide for more details.

These temperatures are:

LOW at 190C and colored YELLOW

MEDIUM at 200C and colored ORANGE

HIGH at 210C and colored RED

Will it work in all temperatures?

Crave Air works in all normal climates. If you are living in humid or freezing climates please try to keep it warm and dry. Water from the air may penetrate to the internals if left in the elements too long. If you suspect water may have penetrated the device for any reason do not switch it on until you are sure it is dry again. Placing the vaporizer in a bowl of rice over night should help remove any moisture.

Cleaning of the device

We made cleaning the Crave Air as simple as possible.The silicon mouth piece can be washed with warm water if necessary. Internal cleaning can be done with alcohol wipes and pipe cleaners.
Clean your Crave air as regularly as you can, generally a quick wipe with alcohol wipes for the oven will be enough. However it is best to give a full cleaning now and again to ensure optimum performance and taste. As the device gets hot during use, wait for it to cool down before cleaning.


When should I replace the oven screen?

The oven screen on Crave Air is made from Stainless steel and designed to be long lasting. It will only need to be removed for cleaning the oven or the screen. We have provided you with a spare screen in case it gets lost.

Mouthpiece use and Care

The Crave Air mouthpiece is made from food grade silicon rubber and safe to heat up to temperature of +300c. Although the mouthpiece should never reach uncomfortable temperatures.

The mouthpiece can be cleaned by soaking in hot water to remove any residue. Alcohol wipes can be used but please do not soak the silicon rubber in alcohol as this may degrade the material.

What herbs are recommended to use with Crave?

Plant based products like camomile and peppermint and any dry herbs that have medicinal value.

While we do not recommended to use any type of liquids like glycol, glycerin and e-juice in the device, a few drops mixed with your dry herbs should be fine.


Does the device smell?

The device does not emit much odor during use, depending on the herb you are vaporizing. However you may notice a slight odor during heating or if the device is not properly cleaned.

Does the device get hot?

The Crave Air is compact and easily portable and the Aluminum shell is actually designed to remove heat away from sensitive components. The shell does become warm during operation, however once you hold it in your hand it will immediately start to cool as your hand will remove the heat from the shell. This is a great feature for cold days as it doubles as a hand warmer! You may notice the device is hotter when not held in your hand, this is normal. Once you pick it up it will begin to cool.

Battery life

Crave Air has built-in long lasting 9V 3000mAh lithium-ion battery, once fully charged it should last about 2hrs of continuous use. This equates to about 6 full sessions each consisting of about 10-15 puffs per session.


The Crave Air is sold with a 1 year guaranteed replacement warranty. It is highly unlikely, but if the device should fail during this period due to normal use we will replace it. No questions asked.