Medical cannabis access for patients
Patients over profits
It is our goal to to build a supportive community that allows us to help
others beyond our own reach whilst maintaining the high standards that
we believe in.

Crave Vaporizers wants to help you improve your lifestyle with clean, healthy therapy devices that fit your daily needs. We are constantly finding new ways to help our customers get access to quality products and treatments.

Medical Cannabis treatment plan

With recent legislation changes in Australian law Medical Cannabis is now
becoming available to those with chronic conditions and serious illnesses where traditional medicine is not as effective.

This has opened up a whole new industry within Australia and the future for
medical cannabis in Australia looks big and bright. However for patients getting access can be a lengthy and tedious process.

Crave Vaporizers, after many requests from our customers are now exploring options to supply our patients with medical cannabis products.
These products will meet the highest safety and production requirements set by the Australian government and we will ensure that all our patients get the support they deserve.

During this application process we are accepting requests from patients that are interested in the program and will send out notifications shortly.

Kindly register your interest for our program below.