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The Crave Quantum Vaporizer is a 'wax and oil' concentrate pen, that delivers flash vapor within 5 seconds.

Designed to be ultra-portable, the Quantum features a gloss black steel body holding a long life 1100mAh battery, built-in silicone storage jar, and dual ceramic coils.

The Quantum coils are specially designed to provide low temperature and high volume vapor. The Dual ceramic coils heat wax and oils to perfect temperature to delivers quality vapor.

The pyrex glass mouthpiece is removable and is interchangeable with the Quantum bubbler accessory for cooler vapor.


Crave Quantum Features

- 5-second heat-up time

- Dual Ceramic coils

- Built-in storage jar

- Stainless Steel Body and Housing

- Removable Pyrex Mouthpiece

- Replaceable Coils

- 5 click on/off Button Control

- 5 min Auto-Shut safety


- Quantum 1100mah battery

- High Volume Ceramic Atomiser

- Dab tool

- USB Charging cable

- Manual


Fast delivery, High Impact.

Ceramic Quantum coils

Preserves flavor.
Maximizes vapor.
Protects lungs.

Low Temperature coil

Dual Ceramic cores preserves subtle flavors and maximizes vaporization.

High Volume Coil

Unique dual core design holds wax like a sponge.

Larger clouds with high impact.

Load up
your coil to enjoy later.


Discrete silicone storage jar built into the base.

Water filtration on the go

The Quantum Bubbler is the perfect size for an adventure

Quantum Accessories